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Imago Local Organizations

Imago Local Organizations

Where in the World:

Imago Local Organizations are made up of Imago professionals who offer therapy, facilitation, and educational workshops for individuals and couples throughout the world. Click the link for more information on local resources near you.

Australia – The Association of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia

Austria – Imago Austria

Croatia – Imago Croatia

Denmark – Imago Denmark

Estonia- Imago Estonia

France – Imago France

Germany – Imago Germany

Iran- Imago Iran

Israel – Imago Israel

Netherlands – Imago Netherlands

New Zealand – Imago New Zealand

North America (Canada and US) – Imago Relationships North America

Norway – Imago Norway

Russia – Imago Russia

South Africa – Imago South Africa

South Korea – Imago Korea (SKAIT)

Srilanka – Imago Srilanka

Sweden – Imago Sweden

Switzerland – Imago Switzerland

United Kingdom – Imago UK

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