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Orit Admon-Schiffer – Clinical Instructor- Contact: imagorli@gmail.com
Orit Admon-Schiffer, MSW, is a senior instructor in Marital and Family Therapy at the Shinui” Institute in Herzeliya Israel. She is an expert at the “change” systemic therapy and
lectures throughout the country. She studied with Professor Andolfi, Rome, and with Hedy Shleifer and Maya Kollman (Imago Relationship Therapy) in New York. She is a Faculty member of the Imago International Institute and an expert in Imago marriage enrichment. She leads Imago workshops for couples, parents and children, and professionals. Orit is an expert in treating anxiety and depression, and mediation.

Ljiljana Bastaic – Clinical Instructor- Contact: ljiljana.bastaic@gmail.com

ljiljana headshot_150x9000Ljiljana Bastaić, MD is psychiatrist and a psychotherapist certified both in Gestalt therapy and in Imago Relationship Therapy. She is a clinical trainer for Wurzburg
Gestalt Institute and a Couples Workshop Presenter for Imago Relationships International. She lives in Zagreb, Croatia and teaches internationally.


Mike Borash – Clinical Instructor- Contact: BoBo9@aol.com

Mike Borash Headshot_150x9000Mike Borash, M.S. Ed., LPC, is a Virginia State Licensed and National Certified Professional Counselor with over 30 years of clinical experience providing individual, group, family and relationship therapy. He holds baccalaureate and graduate degrees in Psychology and Counseling from James Madison University and has studied extensively with Harville Hendrix at the Institute for Relationship Therapy.


Evelin Brehm – Clinical Instructor- Contact: evelin@brehmsimago.eu

Evelin Brehm Photo_150x9000Eveline Brehm, Mag. is a psychotherapist (NC) and Lehrsupervisorin supervisor, coach, adult couples therapist, Imago Workshop Presenter, Imago Clinical Instructor


Klaus Brehm – Clinical Instructor- Contact: klaus@brehmsimago.eu

Klaus BrehmKlaus lives and works in Vienna. Together with his wife Evelin they run their own practice working as Imago Couple Therapists and Clinical Instructors. He was born in Nuremberg, Germany. After completing his studies of Social Work and Social Sciences at the Lutheran University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, he was employed as a social worker by the Protestant church community in his hometown.He trained as a psychotherapist in Switzerland focusing on body therapy. After meeting Evelin he decided to move to Vienna where they discovered Imago. Before they opened their own practice, Klaus was employed as a social worker by the City of Vienna, working in a number of crisis and information centers for troubled families. His focus with Brehms+Imago lies on couples therapy and the development and implementation of Imago Methods within the context of coaching and organizations.

Maureen Brine – Clinical Instructor- Contact: imagomaureen@successfulrelationships.ca

Maureen Brine Headshot_150x9000Maureen Brine is a respected Imago therapist, senior clinical instructor, workshop presenter and addictions specialist. Having completed the majority of her training with Dr. Harville Hendrix, she has been a Faculty Member since 1997. Former Co-Dean of the Institute for Imago Relationship Therapy; she is the past Chair of Imago Relationships International and is very active in the Imago Community worldwide. Since 1985, she has had successful private practices in Vancouver and Toronto.
Maureen has wonderful teaching abilities, combining her profound knowledge and skill with intuitiveness and sensitivity. She is pleased to offer the Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find Workshops in Toronto and the Maritimes. She trains Therapists to become imago therapists. Maureen believes deeply in the mission of Imago — To create a new way to love and to transform the world one relationship at a time.” Her passion for Imago is evident in all her work and personal life.

Ben Cohen – Clinical Instructor- Contact: boulderbenc@yahoo.com

Ben CohenBen Cohen, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist and has been a certified Imago Relationship Therapist since 1994. He has presented over 60 “Getting The Love You Want” Couples Workshops, and is a Certified Instructor and Co-Dean of the faculty of Imago Relationships International. Ben was recently featured with Dr. Harville Hendrix on a DVD entitled “Imago Connects: From Conflict to Connection”.
Ben has been in private practice in Boulder and Denver Colorado since 1992, specializing in couples counseling and relationship issues with individuals. He also brings to his work long-time interests in spirituality, Mindfulness, and body-process. Ben has extensive experience teaching and training, including 10 years as Adjunct Faculty at The Naropa University, and Training Director at the University of Colorado. Ben is known for the passion, sensitivity, warmth and humor that he shares with his clients and trainees.


Marcia Ferstenfeld – Clinical Instructor- Contact: fersty@aol.com

Marcia Ferstenfeld Headshot_150x9000Marcia Ferstenfeld, M.A., CIRT, C.I. is in private practice working with couples, individuals and families.  She is certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and a member of the Imago Faculty as a Certified Imago Clinical Trainer, and co-created the Connected Parents, Thriving Kids program in Imago Parenting.  Her work focuses on training therapists, supporting couples and individuals in achieving personal growth, and developing loving relationships in regular and extended, intensive sessions.  Marcia is assisted by her husband, Larry, in her Getting The Love You Want, Keeping the Love You Find, and Connected Parents, Thriving Kids Workshops and classes and in her Clinical Training Courses.  Married 52 years, they have three grown daughters, 10 grandchildren and a great-grandson. They bring a wealth of insight and the experience, gleaned from their personal devotion to their own evolving relationship.

Nedra Fetterman – Clinical Instructor- Contact: nedrafetterman@gmail.com

Nedra FettermanNedra Fetterman, Ph. D. is an Imago Therapist, Workshop Presenter, Clinical Instructor, and an Imago Advanced Clinician. She is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where she also serves as the Supervisor and Instructor of Psychiatric Residents. She has maintained a private practice since 1982 working with adults, couples, families and adolescents.




Leora Grunhaus – Clinical Instructor- Contact: Grunhaus@012.net.il

Leora Grunhaus Headshot_150x9000Leora is a Clinical Instructor of Imago in Israel, a Faculty member of IRI, and a Certified Couples’ Workshop Presenter. She is a senior Family Therapist and has been teaching Family and private practice in Tel-Aviv, Ra’anana, and the Shinui Institute in Herzliya.



Maya Kollman – Master Trainer- Contact: mayaimago@aol.com

Maya KollmanMaya is a Psychotherapist, a former Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at Rutgers University, and a member of AAMFT and AACD. No one is fooled by Maya’s youthful face and bountiful energy. While it is true that she can out-run and out-work anyone on the planet, Maya is an old soul. Her wisdom is profound; she knows Imago as she knows the rich soil of the earth; it’s as if she’s walked this path before. Her huge heart is only matched by her intelligence, her wit, her compassion ,and her commitment to the blossoming of all those who work with her. She is in a loving relationship with Barbara, her partner in work and love and in parenting four children.



Carol Kramer-Slepian – Clinical Instructor- Contact: carol@safeconnections.com

Carol Kramer Slepian Headshot_150x9000Carol Kramer Slepian, LCSW is an Advanced Imago Therapist, and has presented the “Getting the Love You Want” and the “Keeping the Love You Find” workshops for the past 13 years with her husband Steve Slepian. Carol is a Clinical Instructor on the Imago faculty. She is also a Focusing Trainer and a Level II EMDR practitioner. Carol practices in Manhattan and in the Berkshires.



Antoinette Liechti Maccarone – Clinical Instructor- Contact: antoliechti@bluewin.ch

antoinette1_130x150_150x9000Antoinette Liechti Maccarone, MA, MS is trained as a psychologist, Imago therapist, and a sexologist. She has a private practice in Geneva, Switzerland and travels worldwide to train therapists both in Imago Therapy and in the Sexocorporal Approach.



Peter McMillan, BA, MGuidCouns, DipTchg, MNZAC – Clinical Instructor Contact: peter@relationships.co.nz

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeter McMillan, M.Guid.Couns., MNZAC is a relationship specialist who has been a member of the New Zealand Association of Counselors since 1989. He was the first Certified Imago Relationship Therapist in New Zealand. Peter and his wife, Brenda Rawlings, (also on the faculty) have been instrumental in establishing Imago Therapy in New Zealand. They have organized visits of Faculty members to New Zealand to train therapists in Imago Therapy and they currently present couples workshops throughout New Zealand. Peter has extensive experience in working with domestic violence, having been Coordinator and Chairperson of Rodney Stopping Violence Services. Peter is known as a dynamic and passionate presenter and an excellent teacher with a keen intellect and a warm, compassionate manner. Peter and Brenda have three sons.

Michle Naude – Clinical Instructor- Contact: mfnaude@axxess.co.za

MicheleNaudeHeadshoteditedMichele Naude has been working as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice since 1996. Michele became an Imago Therapist in 2008, and a Workshop Presenter in 2010. Michele joined the Imago Africa Board in 2009 and has served as Chairperson of Imago Africa since 2011. In addition to her private practice Michele is consulted for national radio interviews, magazine articles and public speaking. Michele is passionate about her work and delights in her clients’, singles and couples, healing and embrace of their full aliveness and potential in a conscious and intentional way. She is deeply touched by the work of generational healing and committed to the growth of relational health and well-being in South Africa.


Jay Oh – Clinical Instructor- Contact: jayeunoh@gmail.com

JayOhPhotoEditedJay Jeaeun Oh, PhD, is the first Imago Couples Workshop Presenter in South Korea. He is a former Associate Professor at Soongsil University. Jay holds masters and doctorate degrees in Theology and Pastoral Counseling from Harvard University and the University of Toronto. Jay also received a Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of New England. He is a founding director of Korea Family Counseling Center and Korea Institute of Couple Relationship Therapy. Jay serves as the founding President of Korean Association of Family Counseling, which has a national network of 40 counseling centers with 5,000 members of professional therapists. Jay introduced Imago Therapy to South Korea by hosting Imago Clinical Training in South Korea with Dr. Harville Hendrix, Wendy Patterson, and Mike Borash. Jay is a frequent guest on TV, including MBC Special, the most popular TV documentary program, broadcasted “Couples Solution: IMAGO.” His book, I Love Myself the Way I Am became a national bestseller in South Korea. Jay has translated Theory and Practice of Imago Relationship Therapy and Healing in the Relational Paradigm: Imago Relationship Therapy Casebook. He is currently a visiting scholar of the Couples and Family Therapy program at the University of Oregon and translating Getting the Love You Want and other Imago books into Korean.

Wendy Palmer Patterson – Clinical Instructor- Contact: wpatterson@relationshipcoaching.net

Wendy Patterson Headshot_150x9000Wendy Palmer Patterson, LCSW, LMFT has been working and playing with couples and families since 1971. She has worked in both the public and private sector and has been in private practice in Atlanta since 1981, specializing in couples, families, and groups. She trains marital and family therapists across the country and is a respected supervisor and consultant. Wendy has been an Imago Clinical Faculty member since 1996. She has also delivered a variety of seminars for professional, religious, and business organizations. Her experience and training includes: Structural and Strategic family therapy, Systemic therapy, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapy, Pesos Borden System Psychomotor therapy, sexual and physical abuse, addiction recovery and treatment, group psychotherapy, parenting, women’s empowerment, and sexuality.


Brenda Rawlings – Clinical Instructor- Contact: brenda@relationships.co.nz

Brenda Rawlings, B.S.W.(Hons), MNZAC is a relationship therapist who has been in private practice since 1989. She is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Imago Workshop Presenter, Senior Clinical Instructor and Co-Dean, alongside Ben Cohen, of the Imago International Institute. She and her husband, Peter McMillan, were the first Imago Therapists resident outside of North America, to be accepted onto the Faculty of the Imago International Institute. She is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counselors and has been instrumental in establishing Imago Therapy in New Zealand and Australia. Brenda has extensive experience in working with abuse and domestic violence; she has been Women’s Programmes Coordinator and Counseling Coordinator of Rodney Stopping Violence Services.   Brenda is considered a gifted therapist: wise, compassionate, intuitive and able to penetrate to the heart of an issue. She has unique teaching abilities, combining her innate therapeutic skills with a profound understanding of the relational paradigm and Imago theory, and a genuine ability to care deeply for each of those training with her.   Brenda and Peter live in Warkworth, New Zealand, and have three adult sons.

Rebecca Sears – Clinical Instructor- Contact: rebecca@rebeccasears.com

Rebecca Sears Headshot_150x9000Rebecca Sears has been in practice as a pastoral psychotherapist in Washington DC since 1986, an Imago therapist since 1994 and a Faculty member here at IRI since 2003. As a Clinical Instructor and Faculty member of Imago Relationships International, she trains clinicians and other professionals in Imago Relationship Therapy both in the US and abroad. Deeply rooted in the healing and growth potential of Imago Relationship Therapy, Rebecca is passionate about empowering clinicians and teaching the fine art of becoming a skilled couple’s therapist. Her dedication to the trans-formative power of Imago theory has taken her from being a Workshop Presenter of “Getting the Love You Want”, to now training psychologists, therapists, educators and mediators globally. Since 2001 Rebecca took Imago to Russia where is still involved in training and building a community of over 20 Imago trained therapists. She has also trained in South Africa, Namibia and now very involved in Estonia and Vancouver Canada. Rebecca continues a practice in Washington DC dedicated to helping couples restore safety and connection in their relationships and marriages.

Eugene Shelly – Clinical Instructor- Contact: gshelly@aol.com

Gene Shelly Headshot_150x9000Gene Shelly, M.Div. is a Pastoral Counselor and an Imago Therapist in private practice. He obtained his M.Div. from New Brunswick Theological Seminary and holds a certificate in Pastoral Psychotherapy from the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute where he was a resident in a three year psychoanalytic oriented intensive training program. He also has a certificate in Imago Relationship Therapy and is certified to present the Imago “Getting the Love You Want” couples workshops and is certified to train others in the Basic Clinical Training Program of Imago Therapy. From 1986 to 1999 Gene was a member of the teaching and supervising faculty of the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute. Since then, for the past 25 years, Gene has been primarily known for his work as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. Gene is a fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, an affiliate member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, a clinical member, a workshop presenter and clinical instructor of Imago Relationships International. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Imago Relationships International, Inc. and is the past-chair of the Board.

Sophie Slade – Clinical Instructor- Contact: slade.imago@bellnet.ca

Sophie Slade Headshot_150x9000Sophie’s life motto is “Have Imago, Will Travel!” She has a passion for bringing Imago to public and professional audiences around the world. Sophie is an Imago Therapist, Workshop Presenter and Clinical Instructor with a passion for collaborating with colleagures to create new Imago courses. As a member of the Imago Relationships International Board of Directors and Chair of the Program Committee, she supports the creativity of the Imago community. Sophie is known for creating a non-judmental and fun learning environment, for her bawdy poetry and for her writings on Imago. She works out of Montreal, Canada and London, England.


Rick Stolp – Clinical Instructor- Contact: rickstolp@gmail.com

Rick Stolp Headshot_150x9000Rick Stolp, Ph.D. has been providing psychological services, training clinicians and presenting international workshops for over 30 years. He received his doctorate in the area of clinical psychology in 1983 from Florida Institute of Technology and has trained extensively in the area of marriage and family therapy. Rick is a certified Imago therapist, a workshop presenter, and a faculty member of IRI. He and his wife Sherry have been co-presenting the Getting the Love You Want couples workshop since the early 1990’s. Rick is a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and a member of Imago Relationships International. He is published in the Journal of Sex Research and the Journal of Imago Relationship Therapy. Areas of interest include couples group therapy and developmental issues from an Imago perspective. He recently was awarded the Harville Hendrix award for clinical excellence.

William (Tony) Victor – Clinical Instructor- Contact: drtony@themidwestrelationshipcenter.com

Tony Victor Headshot_150x9000William (Tony) Victor, D. Min., LCPC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.
He is a certified Imago therapist, Advanced Imago Clinician, Certified Imago Consultant to therapists and a Certified Imago Couples Workshop Presenter. Dr. Victor is a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. His training and professional experience reflect a variety of psychological and theological foundations. His early training and experience included a Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling and a postdoctoral three-year clinical internship in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy with an emphasis on object relations and family systems theory. His later training included certification and advanced studies in Imago Relationship Theory. Today Dr. Victor specializes in Relationship Therapy.

Orli Wahrman – Clinical Instructor – Contact: worli@013.net

Orli WahrmanOrli Wahrman, MSW is an Imago therapist, Workshop Presenter, Consultant, Faculty member, and the Israeli Representative for IRI. Additionally, she is a qualified Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Trauma therapist, and Family and Couples therapist. Just after 9/11 Orli started THE IMAGO PEACE PROJECT, which led to the development of Communologue, a way to safe communication in groups. Combining Imago work and Communologue, she created the Palestinian-Israeli Imago Project, which brings together couples from both peoples.



Kobus Van der Merwe – Clinical Instructor- Contact: kobus@ident.co.za

Kobus Van de MerweKobus Van der Merwe is a Certified Imago Therapist, Imago Workshop Presenter,
Advanced Clinician, and Imago Clinical Instructor. He was the first Imago Workshop
Presenter and Clinical Instructor in South Africa. Before being involved with Imago, he was
ordained as minister in the Dutch Reformed Church.

John Hjarso Mortensen – Clinical Instructor- Contact: johnaksel1@me.com

John Hjarso MortensenJohn Mortensen is a psychologist with a private practice in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a lektor at University of Copenhagen and at the Institute of Psychology where he teaches Relational Psychology and the therapeutic dialogue. He is also a lektor at the University College of Sealand where he delivers lectures on personal leadership, organizational learning, strategic leadership, and executive coaching. John is himself a coach and organizational counselor with years of experience in narrative and constructivistic traditions. He is a Certified Imago Therapist, a Certified Workshop Presenter and a Certified Imago Consultant. John and his wife Pia have been married since 1989 and together they have a son Jakob (13 years old) and two adult daughters (Anna and Line) from former marriages.


Harville Hendrix – Founder- Contact: harville@hunt-hendrix.com

Harville Hendrix headshot_150x9000Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. is the co-founder of Imago Relationships with Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., and Chancellor of the Imago International Institute. He is the author of the popularly acclaimed books: Getting the Love You Want: A guide for Couples, Keeping the Love You Find: A Guide for Singles, Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Parents, and Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself Be Loved. A former professor at Southern Methodist University, Harville holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Religion from The School of Divinity at the University of Chicago and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York. He is a Diplomat in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and a clinical member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the International Transactional Analysis Association.


Helen LaKelly Hunt – Founder- Contact: helen@hunt-hendrix.com

Helen LaKelly Hunt headshot_150x9000In addition to her partnership with Harville, Helen has been active within the women’s movement for the past eighteen years. She is founder and president of The Sister Fund, a private women’s fund dedicated to the social, political, economic, and spiritual empowerment of women and girls. Helen has helped to create a number of other women’s funding institutions, including the Dallas Women’s Foundation, the New York Women’s Foundation, and the Women’s Funding Network. Helen has served on the Boards of Directors of the Ms. Foundation for Women, Women and Foundations, and the New York City Women’s Agenda. In 2004, shortly after completing a Doctoral degree at Union Theological Seminary in New York, she wrote Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance. For her distinguished contributions to the women’s movement, Helen has received many awards including the LEAD Award, Gloria Steinem’s Women of Vision Award, and has been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.


Francine Beauvoir – Faculty Member Emeritus- Contact: francine@pasadenainstitute.com

Francine Beauvoir Headshot_150x9000Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D. comes to us from France and is a licensed Psychologist and a
member of the American Psychological Association. She received her doctorate from the University of Southern California. She has written a well received book called, Raising Cooperative and Self-Confident Children: a step-by-step guide for conscious parenting and has produced an audiotape set by the same title. She is in private practice with her husband of over 38 years, Bruce Crapuchettes (also faculty). They have four adult children. Her students describe her as a blend of “passion, sensitivity, and exceptional therapeutic skills.” She and Bruce have presented trainings and workshops in Australia, New Zealand and now she is focusing her overseas work in Paris. She is translating Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix into French.

Joyce Buckner – Faculty Member Emeritus – Master Trainer

Joyce Buckner HeadshotA psychologist in private practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Buckner is also a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, former professor and academic department head in the University of Texas system, and Emeritus faculty member of Imago Relationships International. In the last 20 years, Dr. Buckner has trained hundreds of mental health providers in relationship therapy and in the skills of workshop presenting. She appears as a relationship expert on international radio and television talk shows, including the Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Buckner is featured as part of the Master Trainer DVD Series in Learning to Connect.

Bruce Crapuchettes – Faculty Member Emeritus – Contact: bruce@pasadenainstitute.com

Bruce Headshot_150x9000Bruce Crapuchettes is a Master Trainer and has been an Imago Relationships Institute faculty member since 1993. He served as Dean of the Faculty in 2003 and 2004. He was the chief psychologist of a psychiatric hospital and director of the APA approved psychology internship training program there for 15 years. He is a licensed psychologist in Pasadena, CA, and a member of the American Psychological Association (APA). He practices with his wife, Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D., who is also on the faculty. They have been married for over 40 years and have four adult children. Bruce was raised in China by missionary parents and Francine was raised in France. They met and married in Paris and have remained international ever since, putting on Imago Therapy training programs and Imago workshops in California, France, Australia, and New Zealand. A unique feature of their trainings and workshops is that they present together as a couple. Bruce is also known as the co-inventor of the Spring Walker (www.SpringWalker.com) and a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska for 40 years.

Pat Love – Faculty Member Emeritus – Master Trainer

Pat Love HeadshotDr. Pat Love is a distinguished professor, author, trainer and long-standing licensed clinician. For thirty years she has contributed to counselor education and personal development through her books, articles, training programs, speaking and media appearances. Pat has published several professional articles, been featured in several professional books and developed relationship education media and materials being used nationally and internationally. Her ever-popular books Hot Monogamy and The Truth About Love have literally taken her around the world spreading the good news about family and relationships. Her latest book, How to Improve Your Relationship Without Talking About It has been translated into 12 languages. Pat is in demand as an expert presenter at national and international conferences. She has appearednumerous times on Oprah, The Today Show and CNN, and is a regular contributorto popular magazines. Pat has co-hosted three DVD training programs: Living Love, Parenting with the Experts and Love: Everything You Need to Know—which is currently available on PBS. Her current projects include writing, traveling, lending a hand, supporting and hanging out with friends and family—and having fun at every opportunity.

Sunny Shulkin – Faculty Member Emeritus – Master Trainer