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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

What is Imago therapy?
Imago therapy is a highly effective form of relationship and couples therapy that has positively affected thousands of couples around the world. More than one thousand therapists in nearly 40 countries are “changing the world one relationship at a time” by teaching the Imago Dialogical processes. This approach to communication comes out of new understandings about the relational paradigm, and is helpful for new couples, those together for many years, people in business relationships, and more. This transformational method of therapy was developed 25 years ago by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, and provides resources for couples, therapists, or individuals seeking to find a way to be more effective in their life and relationships.

How do I find a Certified Imago Therapist?
You can search on our website here.

How do I find a Certified Professional Facilitator or a Certified Imago Educator?
You can search for both on our website here.

How do I find an Imago Workshop?
You can search for Imago workshops on our website here.

Training Questions:

How do I become a Certified Imago Therapist?
Becoming certified as an Imago Therapist is a multi-step process that you can read about on our website here. Please feel free to reach out to Imago International Relationships’ at Info@imagorelationships.org.

How much does certified cost?
The total cost of the training in North America is $3,000 for training with an instructor, $600 for six months of supervision, and $195 for the final submittable tape. For countries outside of North America, the prices will vary.

What are my benefits for when I become certified?
You can read about all of the benefits of certification on our website here.

How do I register for a training?
You can register for a training by searching for a training and then clicking “Register Now” on our website here.

Registering on the website isn’t working, what do I do?
Try leaving the Imago website and deleting the cookies in your browser. Then try again. Also, you can register through email at info@imagorelationships.org.

Where is the schedule for the Advanced Courses?
You can find the schedule on our website here.

Website Questions:

How do I log into my dashboard?
You can only log into your dashboard if you have created an account by registering for a training, purchasing a membership or products from our store.

How do I change the address in my dashboard?
You can view a helpful guide by clicking here.

I am having trouble logging into my dashboard?
Try leaving the Imago website and deleting the cookies in your browser. Then try again.

How do I delete my cookies?
Please click on the bottom icon of what browser you are using for the instructions.