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Giving and Receiving Love

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The fundamental dilemma of all human relationships is this: Why is it so hard to give and receive love, when it is part of our survival directive to be connected? To better understand this dilemma and the solution, we will explore the “software” that we are born with. The pulse of both giving and receiving is vital to the experience of connection. If we are blocked in either direction, we become isolated and lose the experience of connection. In this course, we will explore: Blocks to giving; blocks to receiving; the way our picture of relationships determine not only who we pick, but the way we play out the relational dance. We will explore how this manifests in the areas of emotion, spiritual connection, intellect, and our bodies. We will use video-tapes, demonstrations,practice and lecture. Physical movement and discussion as well as written exercises will be used to explore our own blocks around giving and receiving, and concrete ways to work with our couples to resolve this dilemma.

Learning Objectives:

1: Describe the difficulty to receive and to give with couples
2: Assess and explain the unconscious collusion
3: Demonstrate all the Imago processes in the perspective of enhancing giving and receiving

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