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Membership Benefits

Imago Relationships International is a global 501c3 consisting of an institute for professional training, a membership association, programs and workshops for relationship education, and a division of social outreach. Once you join, you’ll immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of belonging to a supportive, international community of professionals.

IRI has helped thousands of clinicians all over the globe excel as couples therapists. IRI members succeed in making couples therapy a flourishing and lucrative part of their clinical practice. With members in over 30 countries, IRI offers an extensive network of experienced professionals who share your passion for helping couples and will support you as you build and expand your practice.


IRI holds the belief that the success of Imago as an instrument of healing in the world is based on the success of our individual practitioners and helping professionals. We are committed to providing practice building and resources that encourage and empower our members as they develop successful and thriving Imago-based businesses. We work for our members to present the most innovative tools in business development for growing their practices. Practice Building activities and programs include:

• IRI provides members a free 90 page practice-building guide to all new members that is full of useful and practical marketing tips.
• We provide opportunities to take discounted marketing teleseminars and frequently offer free marketing advice through weekly Think Tank conference calls.
• The IRI website hosts around 12,000 visitors a month and features a member directory, workshop schedule, and clinical members have the option to purchase a web page template that will provide detailed information about his/her practice.
• All members have access to an on-line resource center of marketing materials and resources including links to free brochures, logos, pictures etc.
• IRI offers phone and email web support for individual practitioner web pages (Imago Premium Page) and member dashboards: secure, password protected web interfaces that allow members to view and edit information about them stored in the IRI database.
• The Imago Shop, our online store, offers members low cost marketing collateral, workshop materials, books, DVDs and CDs not offered to the general public. These materials can be used to successfully market and conduct workshops to a variety of populations including parents, pre-marital couples, and anyone interested in Imago
• IRI facilitates and, in some instances, funds the translation of Imago materials to expand our global reach. IRI helps to ensure that thousands of members in dozens of countries have access to materials in their native languages.


• IRI uses social media outlets to foster a dialogue about relationship wellbeing and draw in visitors to the website
• We form alliances with social service agencies through our Partnership Program in order to provide community-based outreach. IRI offers short low-cost training programs to help community agencies to provide more effective counseling services to low-income families. The programs are supported by Imago’s large network of highly-skilled couple’s therapists
• Imago Therapy is currently practiced in 30 countries worldwide and continues to spread to every part of the globe. The global proliferation of the Imago theory and practice is a testament to the association’s dedication to community building as well as the efforts of individual members who donate considerable time and effort to reaching out to areas and populations
• IRI Faculty members are dedicated to training therapists worldwide, planting the seeds for supportive local regions and nurturing growth within these burgeoning communities


IRI maintains a standing committee dedicated to clinical research and funds and supports ongoing research projects concerning the efficacy of Imago Relationship Therapy. In 2008, IRI sponsored an unprecedented research project that utilized quantitative electrocephalography (QEEG) to measure the patterns of participating couples before, during, and after couple’s workshops. Further projects are being developed.


IRI is dedicated to providing opportunities to members to interact and stay connected on a continual basis. We provide many avenues for members to encourage and learn from each other, including annual Conference and online forums and teleconferencing. Our goal is to keep our community in a constant dialogue in order to foster dynamic growth for the individual member and the association. On-going community building activities and programs include:

• IRI has sponsored 7 international Conferences dating back to 2003 and numerous more located in the USA. Conference offers our members the opportunity to learn about new and ongoing research projects, to interact with other professionals in the field of human behavior, to discover the wide variety of resources our association has to offer, and provides a learning environment in which Imago clinical theory and practice can be explored and refined. Our Conferences have featured leaders in the fields of couples therapy, human evolutionary studies, neuroscience, marriage education, feminism, and human sexuality. Reduced Conference fees are offered to all of our members and clinical members have the opportunity to collect a significant quantity of Continuing Education credits each year.
• ImagoShare is a members only email listserv that provides a unique and private forum in which to discuss ideas, post announcements, solicit advice, share stories or address concerns. ImagoShare is frequently the epicenter of debate and a place where new ideas germinate.
• Members receive a monthly e-Newsletter which serves as a community bulletin board. Events, member news, upcoming trainings and the latest information about program development and research is shared with IRI members.


Members have access to a gifted and distinguished faculty including recognized relationship experts, best-selling authors, and leaders in the field of marriage and family counseling. The faculty works to advance the development of Imago theory and practice.

• Designing and evaluating certification programs and courses for our members.
• Ensuring all training programs to reflect the core values of IRI.
• Education and consultation to community leaders and change agents.
• Assisting in the development of Imago communities worldwide
• Conducting research concerning the efficacy of Imago theory and practices
• Producing articles, essays, books, and other writings for professional publications.
• Presenting at the Annual Conference and at special events year round.
• Creating and implementing advanced training experiences.
• Mentoring members of the IRI community both personally and professionally.


Members are invited to attend an Annual Conference hosted by IRI. Members receive a discounted rate and CE credit to attend a wealth of workshops, general sessions, and a keynote(s) presented by leading experts in the field of human behavior. Past keynote presenters include Helen Fisher, John Gottman, Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt, Susan Johnson, Pat Love, Dan Siegel, Dennis Stoica, Esther Perel and Nedra Fetterman.


Advanced trainings are offered throughout the year and members are invited to attend classes offered in a variety of ways to accommodate busy schedules. Teleclasses, workshops, traditional classes and, of course, the Annual Conference all offer CE opportunities and provide a constant learning environment for members.


IRI hosts weekly Think Tank teleconferences during which recognized experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines explore a wide range of topics. This is a members only forum and participants are encouraged to join in on discussions. Recordings of the Think Tank are made available to members on downloadable MP3 files that can be saved on a computer and accessed anytime. The Think Tank archive includes recordings of a diversity of topics including: the treatment of sensory disorders, sex addiction, healing after infidelity, working with infertile couples, creating secure attachment, effective money management for families, getting your work published, marketing your practice, Somatic Experiencing, and much more! Past presenters include: John Gottman, co-founder of the Gottman Institute, Susan Johnson, originator of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Pat Love, author of Hot Monogamy, and Dan Siegel, author of The Mindful Brain.