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Imago Giving

Imago Giving

Imago Relationships International is an organization committed to growing relationships and partnerships around the world. There are many ways this happens through work directly with therapists, weekend workshops, resources provided for purchase on the Imago Shop and other ways. All of this is possible through the support of the committed members of the organization and fundraising.

There are many ways to give and support the work that is being done within Imago Relationships International and what is happening with couples around the world. IRI is a 501c3 tax exempt organization providing tax benefits for donations to those within the United States to the amount allowable.

1) Education and Outreach

This fund is dedicated to the overall work of the organization and accomplishes goals such as working on ongoing educational resources for therapists, workshop presenters and creating resources for maintaining the ongoing quality of Imago therapy. This fund also supports the research and creation of the tools needed to grow the very powerful weekend workshops taking place around the world on a regular basis.

2) Research

Imago therapy has been on a path of becoming the world’s largest evidence-based couples therapy. This has been an ongoing project and is near completion. Other research projects on Imago in universities throughout the work are supported as well as brain research and proposals are reviewed regularly.

3) Workshop Scholarships

Imago workshops have been one of the long-standing programs impacting couples around the world. Scholarships are made available to couples through an application process for those unable to afford the entire investment of a weekend.

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