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Papers on Imago Research and Theory

Many research projects have demonstrated the effectiveness of Imago Relationship Therapy. We continue to be active in creating new research and incorporating the latest developments in psychology into how Imago provides relationship help.

Please download our papers summarizing previous IRT research as well as papers on Imago Theory below:

IRI Professional Training and Standards Committee
Basic Imago Theory for Imago Continuing Education

Basic Imago theory for Imago Continuing Education – Turkish Version

Basic Imago theory for Imago Continuing Education – Croatian Version

Basic Imago theory for Imago Continuing Education – German Version

Previous Studies:

Dale Bailey

Donald R. DuRousseau, Theresa A. Beeton
System Level spatial-frequency EEG changes coincident with a 90-day cognitive-behavioral therapy program for couples in relationship distress

M.T. Hannah, W. Luquet, J McCormack
COMPASS as a measure of the efficacy of couples therapy

The American Journal of Family Psychology

Imago Relationship Theory:
E.S. Slate, C. Peterson, E. Soucar
Discovering Imago Relationship Therapy –
A Comment Psychotherapy Vol. 37

J. Zielinski
Discovering Imago Relationship Therapy
Psychotherapy Vol. 36

J. Zielinksi
An Imago Reply Psychotherapy Vol. 37

Imago Research in Korea
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Imago Relationship Therapy and the integration of other methodologies:

D. Feldman, G.B. Kahn
The Integration of Relationship-Focused Group Therapy with Couples Treatment
The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

Kimberly R. Flemke,
Howard Protinski
Imago Dialogues: Treatment Enhancement with EMDR

C.A. Robbins
ADHD Couple and Family Relationships:
Enhancing Communication and Understanding Through Imago Relationship Therapy Journal of Clinical Psychology

Online Journals Relating to Imago

From Falling in Love Via the Power Struggle
by: Evelin Brehm & Klaus Brehm
May 2013

Cape is ground zero in summer for mental health specialists
K.C. Meyers
July 22, 2013

Simple steps that will help stabilize your married life
June 30, 2013

A Simple Exercise For Improving Your Relationship
September 9, 2013

Psychosocial Development in South Korean Couples and Its Effects on Marital Relationships
Journal of Family Psychotherapy
Volume 24, Issue 3, 2013
by: Jea Eun Oh & Victor Minichiello