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Research Institute Support and Funding

What Imago Funds and Supports

Imago Relationships International is committed to developing and supporting the research of Imago Relationship Therapy. The purpose of the Research Institute is to make money available for small grants for worthy, publishable peer-reviewed research to expand the scientific basis of Imago Relationship Therapy. The funds can be used for study expenses or to make small purchases of materials or technology necessary for the research project. Please note that IRI will pay indirect costs of 10% of total budget for institutional support of a study. You may also wish to inquire about non-financial support that includes consultation by an Imago Relationships International Research Committee member.

To that end, Imago Relationship International supports research that involves the use of Imago Therapy and any aspect of Imago Therapy that is explicitly described by its founder, research that evaluates the impact Imago Therapy has on individuals, couples, and other systems over a wide range of impact variables including outcome studies of workshops and in-office treatment regimes, neuroscience and biological studies involving Imago Relationship Therapy; and the use of Imago Relationship Therapy with specific diagnostic categories and its effect on positive outcomes.

What Imago Does Not Fund or Support

Scholarships/tuition assistance for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies
Annual fundraising drives
Institutional benefits
Supplemental income
Capital improvements
Large purchases

Guidelines and Submission

If you determine that your work aligns with our priorities, submit a Letter of Inquiry. If the request is determined to be in line with Imago Relationships International objectives and funding and/or support is available, you will then be invited to submit a Formal Proposal.

Review our Grant Application Guide, which describes our grant and research support submission process in detail.