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Learning Objectives of the Clinical Training Program

Participants will be able to:

1. Discuss childhood stages of development and wounding as well as resulting characterological adaptations in primary relationships.

2. Discuss the concept of the Imago and the role it plays in partner selection and subsequent stages of adult relationships.

3. Work with a couple’s resistance, flow with it and keep volatile couples in dialogue.

4. Demonstrate dialogical skills to assist couples in restructuring conflict and frustration, resolving adult and childhood rage, bringing them into a healing relationship, and guiding them from unconscious to conscious relating (moving them from reactivity to intentionality).

5. Demonstrate skills to assist couples in increasing validation and empathy and achieve a deeper level of commitment and intimacy.

6. Focus on their own personal Characterological Growth and thus be more able to deepen client’s affect, getting them in touch with childhood pain, and thus helping them find healing in the adult intimate relationship.

7. Empower couples to continue the work of healing after therapy is terminated.
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