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Characterological Growth: The Three Day Experience

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This course is designed to go deeply into the ways your defenses and your character structure affects others.  Another purpose is to grow your container so you can be big enough to hold all that life hands you and to help you rock between the joy and the sorrow of life.  As Geneen Roth says, “The purpose of being alive is not to be forever happy.  That is impossible.  The purpose is to rock between the pain of the past and the promise of the present and be in the present more and more of the time and to be able to share all that is inside us with those around us.”

Learning Objectives:

1: Gain tools and insights to work with reactive patterns as they show up in clients and in ones own behavior.
2: Participate in the experience of personal growth by way of linking defenses to developmental stages.
3: Strengthen your personal skills for being more in the present more of the time.
4: Learn and practice exercises that clarify self-defeating patterns and create new neural pathways, for clinical and personal application.
5: Celebrate vibrant aliveness as you practice shifting more and more into self-aware consciousness.

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