Getting the Love You Want: The Couples Weekend Workshop

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Date(s) - 01/12/19 - 01/13/19

Jeannie Ingram's Office

Relationships begin in such intense and even blissful connection. After a while, that connection can fade and the source of our intense desire seems somehow becomes the source of our frustration.

You are invited to learn more about why this happens, as we explore the unconscious attraction that brought you together, how it becomes the source of conflict, and what to do about it. Consider attending the Getting the Love You Want weekend workshop. In addition to discovering the psychology of your attraction and the power struggle, you will also be given an array of tools designed to help your relationship move beyond the power struggle and into conscious love, where you communicate effectively and feel connected again.

As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I get to see wonderful healing and amazing re-connections with couples in my office. My job is educating (Imago Theory) and facilitating communication (via dialogue) in order to create the connection, understanding and healing. You probably already know this is my passion. I love it because it works.

If you want to accelerate “getting to the love”, we strongly encourage the weekend, which is connecting, intensive and comparable to dozens of private sessions. By Sunday afternoon, you are in a much better place, and fighting is no longer necessary because you have a much more effective means to resolve relationship conflict, even achieving a feeling of connection in the process.

The workshop is primarily educational. My presentation style tends to be lively and interactive. You will be engaged, but YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION. It presents information on many relationship issues, including the psychology of attraction, the brain and chemistry involved in partner selection, why and how we fight and do the things we do in relationship (and nowhere else), and more. It also teaches amazingly effective ways to create conscious love in place of the power struggle, eliminating the need for fighting and defensive behavior. I’ll also present a number of ways to connect, and re-romanticize your relationship.

Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm both days

Cost: $795.00

Jeannie Ingram
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