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Continue your Imago journey with our free follow-up program

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“Mike and Mary do Imago”

They love each other, they joke with each other…

…and they struggle together to apply the lessons of Imago in their life.

Let Mike and Mary be your touchingly imperfect guides through your follow-up to the Imago workshop. There are 12 free weekly sessions to take online at your convenience. Just set aside 20 minutes or so with your partner, and continue your Imago journey each week.

Try episode 1 of “Mike and Mary” online now.

12 week online follow-up program

Quick, free, convenient.

Each week includes:

  • Episode from the series “Mike and Mary do Imago”
  • Practice exercise
  • Further reading+

Start your 12 week follow-up program here with episode 1 of “Mike and Mary”

What else is on Continue2connect?

We’ve got many recordings available from telephone classes for couples given by Harville Hendrix, PhD, and many leading Imago therapists and workshop presenters.

Follow-up is a great way to make the most of your workshop experience

If you are reading this, chances are the Imago weekend workshop was a great experience for you and your partner. Do you remember how great you felt at the end?

But that can fade very fast. People retain only a small amount of the information learned during a seminar, and even that small amount slips away quickly. Unless – you follow-up and revisit some of the material.

Our 12 week program is convenient, quick and practical

Couples tell us it’s hard to find time after the workshop to follow up. That’s why we made this program so you can use it anytime you like, and it’s short too.

Each week there is just a short video from “Mike and Mary,” who are having fun learning about Imago from each other. Then there is a practical exercise, which won’t take long either, but will help root the Imago approach into your life together.

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