About the 12 week follow-up program

Speaking from the “I” place

 Week  Content
 1 A tale of three brains
 2 Why change is hard
 3 Shame Blame and Criticism
 4 Why mirror?
 5 Why ask “Is there more?”
 6 Validation – and why it isn’t just agreeing
 7 Empathy
 8 Date night!
 9 Owning my feelings
 10 How to have an affair with your partner
 11 Ongoing work
 12 Sacred space in your relationship

Follow up week to week using these online resources.

Follow-up is a great way to make the most of your workshop experience.

If you are reading this, chances are the Imago weekend workshop was a great experience for you and your partner. Do you remember how great you felt at the end?

People retain only a small amount of the information learned during a seminar, and even that amount can slip away unless you follow-up and revisit some of the material.

Our 12-week program is convenient, quick and practical.

Couples tell us it’s hard to find time after the workshop to follow up. That’s why we made this program so you can use it anytime you like..

Each week there is just a short video from “Mike and Mary,” who are having fun learning about Imago from each other.  Then there is a practical exercise, which won’t take long, but will help root the Imago approach into your life together.