Continue to Connect – Week 1

Imago Workshop Follow-up program

Make sure your sound is turned up. The video lasts just a few minutes, and gives directions for the exercises below

Week 1 – A tale of three brains

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Appreciation Dialogue

Sender: One thing I appreciate that you did last week was……

Receiver: I hear you say… Did I get it? Is there more?

Switch roles

Dialogue Exercise

After listening to Mike and Mary, try a dialogue using these sentence stems. Each of you would start a sentence beginning with the following. The other partner should mirror back, check to see if your mirror was accurate, and ask “Is there more”. Watch Mary and Mike demonstrate this on the last slide.

“Something which triggers my emotional brain is….”
“When this happens it feels like…

“These situations remind me of when I was young and…”
“The way I tend to act when this happens is…”
“Instead I would prefer to act like…”
“One thing I will try to do when I feel that my emotional brain is being triggered is…”
“One thing I would like your help with about this is..”